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Step 1
Meet a Coach (Free 15 Min Intro) Discuss goals and membership options and if you would like to join our WOD classes (Step 2) or perhaps you are more interested in “The Sweat System” , Yoga/Mobility or Low impact (Straight to Step 5)

Step 2
Sign Up to our Fundamentals Class unless you have previously completed Fundamentals at another WOD gym or have more than 6 months WOD experience.

Step 3
Attend Fundamentals classes (minimum 4, preferred 6) with a heavy focus on technique and familiarisation as well as have access to “The Sweat System” classes for high intensity workouts , Yoga/Mobility and Low impact for your recovery over the course of your first month.

Step 4
Progress to our mainstream WOD classes at your own pace or seek help from one of our awesome coaches here at SweatBox.

Step 5
Get the results you want and have a great time with like minded individuals along the way !

Welcome to SWEATBOX!